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      August 23rd, 2002 Update:

Hey! Thanks for the people who were extras in "Bringing Rain" for emailing me! Apparently, a few of our visitors were extras in Adrian's newest flick "Bringing Rain" on August 21st. According to their emails, there is a beach party scene in the film! I will be quoting some of the emails and send them to our Yahoo group's mailing list. So if you want to get some detailed info, be sure to join by clicking the link below! Thanks Andrea, Alexandra, and Samantha for the news!

Again, please join our mailing list for the latest Adrian news! All you need is a Yahoo screen name, so register today! Click Here. Here is the direct URL: . I ask you all to join because it will take me awhile to get the news posted up here. It is much easier for me to send it to you guys all at once and so you will always get the latest news asap!

Please send any ideas, suggestions, questions to I don't personally have an association with Adrian Grenier or his management team so I can't really forward messages to Adrian or his team. I'm sorry for that. You guys can try the contact addresses your fellow fan found of Adrian. Best of luck to you guys!! = )



Sean's info of Adrian's contact address will remain on this main page.

Adrian Grenier
c/o ICM
Attn : Scott Schachter
40 W. 57th St.
New York, NY

and the alternative address:

Adrian Grenier
c/o ICM
Attn: Nikki Pfeffer Joel
8942 Wilshire Blvd.
Beverly Hills, CA

      From now on when you go surf this website and want to come back to this main page, just click on the little Adrian cartoon at the bottom right corner of the screen and little Adrian will bring you home! = )

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