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Teen Magazine October, 1999

This is a small paragraph on Adrian from October's Teen magazine. Teen magazine owns the copyright to these contents and none of these belongs to me.

Sneak a peek at newcomer Adrian Grenier in the teen romantic comedy Drive Me Crazy, and we bet you'll go nuts. The guy's got looks, talent and a juicy role as the big screen's newst bad boy. "[Chase] is a young fellow who is very rebellious," Adrian explains, "He's searching, and through his searching he's gotten into a lot of trouble." But everything changes when his girlfriend says see ya and Chase rekindles the childhood friendship he shared with the girl next door, played by Sabrina herself, Melissa Joan Hart. He gets a new look, a new attitude -- maybe even a new love. Sounds like a pretty sweet part, eh? "People always say, 'Do you like being an actor?'" he says, "and you know, how could you say no?" Up next for Adrian: the lead in the indie "dramedy" The Adventures of Sebastian Cole

All contents copyrighted by Teen. Email Me If you want me to take it down! Please give credit to the respectful owners! Thanks!

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