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Seventeen Magazine June, 1999

Ok..I didn't even know about this article til this Adrian source of mine told me. This is like a little profile thing. The following content is copyrighted by Seventeen magazine and it's written by Eliza Bergman Krause. I do not own any of these.

Native New Yorker Adrian Grenier, 23, has two movies out this summer. In Sebastian Cole, he's a restless high school junior whose stepfather plans to get a sex-change operation, and in Next To You, he plays a rebel who wins Melissa Joan Hart's heart.

Nickname : "A"

Great first date: "I like to be spontaneous. It's easy in New York

If I weren't an actor, I'd be: "A musician. I've played French horn, some piano and guitar. I know why so many people play music:It's better than going to bars and spending too much on drinks."

Favorite meal to prepare: "When my roomates and I first moved into our own apartment, we cooked a lot. We made steamed kale with lemon and soy sauce, potato pancakes and pasta with chopped olives and garlic."

The body I want belongs to: "Rodney Dangerfield."

Favorite sport: "[My friends and I] sometimes play baseball."

Last concert attended : "Sonic Youth."

Guilty Pleasure : "I used to listen to the Dirty Dancing soundtrack and to Debbie Gibson. I'd just lie back and cry about puppy love.

If you want to read Melissa Joan Hart's Drive Me Crazy diary, which talked some about Adrian, click Here .

All contents copyrighted by Seventeen. Email Me If you want me to take it down! Please give credit to the respectful owners! Thanks!

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copyrighted to Adrian Grenier Online and Katrine Chow, 1999, 2000, 2001