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Adrian to be on the hit T.V. show "Charmed"!

Thanks Jacqueline for this news. According to , Adrian is scheduled to be on the hit T.V. show "Charmed" in September. Adrian will be in two episodes on September 27th *the season premiere of Charmed* and 28th. The episodes are called "Charmed Again Part I" and "Charmed Again Part II". Adrian's character is named "Shane" and I have no idea if that character is good or bad or whatever. I guess we'll all just have to wait and see! September 27th is a Thursday... I'm not sure about other places but at my place *California* It's on the WB network at 9pm. Be sure to check your local listings! Don't miss this! This is gonna give Adrian a big exposure. I hope it is a big, memorable role. Thanks again Jacqueline! Also.. I know this news section is getting kinda cluttered... I'm trying to find a way to organize all of these news .. like in an archive... I'm working on it = ) Thanks for visiting this website!

Harvard Man Possible Release Date

Well I've been searching everywhere and still can't find an exact date. However, some websites said the movie is scheduled to be released sometime in April 2002. According to , this film does not yet have a distributor. I hope it is out soon. All I know is that it could be released next year and that it is rated R for sexuality, drug use, and language.

Picture that I should've posted a long time ago

Hi! Jessica sent this pic a loooong time ago and I'm sorry that I didn't put it on! Well as usual, since this pic's from another site I'm gonna link it to the site and not post it on my page because it's not mine. Click Here . Adrian looks really really cute in it! Anyway I, being extremely stupid, forgot who gave me the scans for the Cecil pics!! Please email me if you scanned those or found those.. I will give you credit! I feel so bad!! = ( Thanks very very much!

Drive Me Crazy Premiere Pictures

Whoohoo! After all these time of abandoning this site *sniff* I finally gave it a new look. It's not that great but I'm still learning! I know I can very easily use one of those webpage making programs to make an awesome looking page but I decided I want to do it all from scratch without any help. Anyway, here is something I found and I'm gonna post it here as a little celebration for the new site. Happy 2 year anniversity! yay = )Here are some pics of Adrian at the Drive Me Crazy Premiere. These pics don't belong to me so I don't want to put it up on my site, but I will link it Here. Hope you guys like it! Enjoy the site and email me any suggestions or comments or just to say hi! Thanks!

Suicide Rumor

Well I've been informed that one of the guestbook entries claims that Adrian had commited suicide. That's just a rumor people. A source confirmed to me that he's still alive. No worries Adrian fans = )

Adrian worked at The Bread Shop at upper Manhattan?

Kimba wrote in about this... if anyone has info about this.. please email me!

"Well, I think it was him. I used to go to The Bread Shop which is near Columbia University and I always noticed him becasue he was so striking and had such beautiful eyes. I saw him there for about two years and occasionally I would see him on the subway. I thought he probably went to Columbia, although I see from your site that he went to Bard. Perhaps he did a stint at the Manhattan School of Music? That's also near the bakery. He had long hair when I first noticed him then he cut it. Tht was about five years ago.
And then I was watching the film Celebrity and I was pretty sure it was him. Let me know if you find out anything."

Sundance/TV Guide

This is a really old news.. I'm sorry for not posting it earlier.. I have been super busy with school these days! Anyway... here's what I've heard from Jessica.

" I caught the last few minutes of this "Harvard Man" preview on the Bravo channel. It was on yesterday and on Sunday. It showed the filming of movie scenes, including him playing on the basketball court and meeting his girlfriend's father. There were little facts about how Adrian needed to learn to play basketball for the film. He talked about how he was never into sports and was intimidated by the physical contact of them. He was mostly into the Arts.
I only saw about 3 minutes, but I'll keep checking Bravo since they seem to repeat these things. I wonder if he's done filming. Any clue when it's coming out?"

If anybody knows about that... email me! Thanks !

Drive Me Crazy/TV Guide

Thanks Jessica ! Here's what Jessica said...

"I just noticed this. If you have the TV GUIDE from week Jan. 20-26, the Sundance Film Festival edition, there's small photos of Adrian in "Sebastian Cole." The Sundance channel is free this weekend(1/26-28/01), and "The Adventures Of Sebastian Cole" will premiere. Also, HBO & HBO2 has been showing "Drive Me Crazy" ALOT these past 3 weeks. I think it had been on about 10 or more times, so fans can probably catch it at least once."

Be sure to check out Drive Me Crazy if you haven't yet.

Thanks Jessica again!

Adrian Stars In New Movie

Thanks Theresa! Adrian will star in a new movie called "Nine Scenes About Love". It's a dark comedy about nine singles who try to find love. There is some information about the film at Thanks again Theresa!

Harvard Man Page

Here's the link from the Sarah Michelle fansite about Harvard Man! Sarah Michelle Gellar Fan Page: Harvard Man Enjoy!

Adrian pics on E-Bay"

Thanks Jeanne! There're some pics of Adrian on E-Bay right now and some may be autographed! Also there are some home videos etc...Check them out!

Adrian Movie Update!!!

I got some cool cool news. If anybody still remember about this movie of Adrian's called "Fishes Outa Wata", you guys just might be able to see it now! Here's the email I got:

The film "Fishes Outta Wata" is almost done. But it's now called "LEGEND of the CORNBOMB SPACE". I just finished making the official website. Check it out-----here-> I can't get you a release date yet, but we're working as fast as we can. It has a lot of other stuff connected to it. A game, and a soundtrack with Adrian playing guitar & other stuff too.

Cool huh? Thanks so much for the person who sent me this news. I really appreciate it. Be sure to check that website out!!!

Ebay auctions

Thanks Jessica! There are a lot of Cecil B. Demented auctions on Ebay.. don't know if there are Adrian stuff there too.. There are also a lot of Drive Me Crazy auctions... so if you're into auctions.. go check them out!

Conan O'Brien rerun

Hey.. the Conan O'Brien episode of interviewing John Waters might rerun today at 3:30am on NBC. I hope they are going to rerun it. Anyways, watch for more interviews of the cast from Cecil B. Demented.. they might have more clips!Email me with appearances etc..


Jessica emailed me again and say that in the clip Adrian was playing basketball and not football.

Harvard Man on the News

Thanks Jessica again. A few weeks ago, in New York City.. channel 11 news at 10:00 showed a clip of an interview with Sarah Michelle Gellar talking about her upcoming movie "Harvard Man". They also showed a short clip of Sarah Michelle with Adrian in the movie. He was playing football in the rain according to Jessica. He has his hair short and he looks as cute as ever. The funny thing is.. I thought this movie was supposed to be about a basketball player... well I don't know.. we'll see. Thanks Jessica once again! If anybody find any websites or interviews or news articles about Harvard Man, please Email Me. Thanks!

Conan O'Brien rerun

Thanks Jessica. Jessica told me that Conan usually reruns their episodes exactly one week from the day it aired. So since the John Waters interview episode was last Friday, August 11th... the rerun should be this Friday, August 18th.. the rerun is normally at 3:00am or 3:30am.. check your local listings to make sure.. you can always go to TV Guide to check the date and time. Let's hope that they will rerun that episode.

Cecil B. Demented clip on Conan O'Brien

Ok.. I was watching Conan O'Brien then my sister suddenly screamed "Adrian!!!!!!" I turned around and saw Conan showing a clip of Cecil B. Demented.. of course.. with our Adrian in it!!! He was doing an interview with John Waters.. the director.. I didn't get to tape it.. I'm trying to find a rerun date .. if there is any.. if you know anything about a rerun.. please let us know! Thanks!

RERUN of Cecil B. Demented Special ATTENTION!!!!!! RERUN of Cecil B. Demented! whoooohoooo!!! Here are the dates and times:

Sun 13 11:30 AM Canned Ham: Cecil B. Demented 20 COMEDY

Wed 16 1:00 AM Canned Ham: Cecil B. Demented 20 COMEDY

well I don't get cable.. *sniff* Have fun taping and watching Adrian! whoohoo!

Aww.. missed it again

Somebody sent me an email saying there was a rerun for the special but it was today August 11th at 3pm.. I'm SOOOOO sorry for not posting it sooner I was out all day doing back to school things at my school and going to take my senior pic. =( I'm soooo sorry. Email me if you know of another rerun! Thanks!

Adrian Article!!!!!!!

Yay! Thanks Theresa.. hey go check out her coooooool site on Adrian.. the first link on the Links page "The Talented Adrian Grenier" . It's AWESOME!

Anyway.. she gave me a link to this article .. read read read!

Adrian as Sebastian Cole

Special on "Cecil B. Demented"

Someone sent in this news. Thanks very much!!!

"Just in case you did not get to see this, there was a special on the Comedy Central show Canned Ham that featured an in depth look at Cecil B. Demented.

AG appeared in a number of scenes from the movie that they showed including one he has with Melanie Griffith where he is is talking about being a drug addict and smoking a crack pipe. Truly demented, but funny, too!

There were interviews with John Waters, Stephen Dorff and Alicia Witt, but not AG.

I don't know if they will be rerunning this or not."

If anybody knows when there's gonna be a rerun or anything, please tell me!! Thanks very much!!

"Drive Me Crazy" In Stores

Whoohoo!!!!! Finally!!! Drive Me Crazy will be released on September 5th, 2000 in STORES!!! Pick up a copy so you can watch Adrian over and over and over ... and over again. Be sure to pick up a box of Kleenex to wipe up the floor after hours and hours of drooling =) You can order it from for 12.99 and they'll ship it to you as soon as it comes out. Remember to check back for the latest news!

Info about Harvard Man

This is taken from Harvard Man is scheduled to be released in Summer 2001. The director is James Toback who directed Black and White, Two girls and a guy, The Pick-up artist, and Bugsy. This film is based on Toback's own experiences in Harvard University. It is a movie about basketball and drugs. Adrian's the lead actor and he's a basketball player who got into doing drugs and gambling and got into a lot of trouble. This film started planning a looooong time ago but there were so many delays due to casting and production. Adrian's role was originally casted for Leonardo DiCaprio before he became famous and since he is now there's not enough money to afford Leo. *good too cuz now we get to see Adrian take the lead whoohoo!* Adrian was casted as the lead in late June. Production started on July 4th, 2000 in Toronto, Canada. For more information, check out Harvard Man @

Release Date for Cecil B. Demented

Cecil B. Demented is coming out August 11th, 2000 on limited release. That means some theater will show it and some won't. Feel free to send in a review when you see it!! It's THIS Friday!!!

Harvard Man News

Thanks! Here's an article about Harvard Man, the full text can be read Here.

Kushner-Locke and Lions Gate Set to Begin Principal Photography of James Toback's "Harvard Man"

LOS ANGELES (ENTERTAINMENT WIRE) - It was announced today by Peter Locke, Co-Chaiirman and Co-Chief Executive Officer of the Kushner-Locke Company(NASDAQ:KLOC), and Mark Urman and Tom Ortenberg, Co-Presidents, Lions Gate Films (TSE and AMEX:LGF) that principal photgraphy is beginning on "Harvard Man."

The film is directed by James Toback ("Black and White," "Two Girls and Guy," "The Pick-Up Artist"). Sarah Michelle Gellar ("Buffy the Vampire Slayer," "Cruel Intentions," "Scream 2," winner of the MTV Movie Awards for Best Actress and Best Kiss 2000) heads an all-star cast which includes Joey Lauren Adams ("Beautiful," "Big Daddy," "Chasing Amy"), Rebecca Gayheart ("Jawbreakers," "Urband Legend"), Adrian Grenier (John Waters' Upcoming "Cecile B. Demented," "The Adventures of Sabastian Cole," Fox's "Drive Me Crazy"), Eric Stoltz ("Anaconda," "Pulp Fiction," "Jerry Maguire") and NBA All-Star Ray Allen ("He Got Game"). also gave us a link to a Sarah Michelle Gellar fansite which is updated often and since Sarah Michelle will be starring in the movie, you can pick up some Harvard Man news from her site. Click Here to go or you can type into the address bar of your browser.

Cecil B. Demented Official Website

Thanks to Jacqueline once again! Cecil B. Demented has an official website . Click Here to go to the site. A word of warning though, the site may not be suitable for children. Well I warned ya so don't blame me! And if you look under the Character Bios part, Adrian's pic is on the bottom row I think the fourth from the left... he plays a character name "Lyle". Pretty spooky comparing to Drive Me Crazy, a good website though. Oh yeah.. you'll need Flash 4 to view the site. If you don't have it there should be a link there to a place where you can download it. If you have AOL you can search for the site by going to Keyword and enter "Cecil B. Demented".

Cecil B. Demented *Thanks!* sent in this link to the Cannes Film Festival website where there's something about Adrian's movie Cecil B. Demented. Go to that website Here

Adrian STARS in NEW movie!!!

Thanks Jacqueline! Jacqueline sent in an email which is posted below:


Wow! That'd be so cool! Another LEADING role for our cutie! If any of you know more about this movie, email me at Thanks!

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