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Small Update

Hi everyone!!! Well first things first, I got an email saying that Adrian is in the A.I. *Artificial Intelligence* movie ! The one with Haley Joel in it. Let me quote the email... "It's in the scene where the boy "David" (Haley Joel-Osmont) and Gigolo Joe (Jude Law) are trying to get a ride to Dr. Know, and he and a car full of frat boy-esque guys pick them up - he's in the front passanger seat." So go check it out!! I'm gonna go watch A.I. next Tuesday, so I'll let you know!! But yeah, tell me if you have seen it!! Ok anyway.. wow.. I haven't update this site for so long!! I'm so sorry!!!!!!! I spent like the whole month of June cleaning my room hehe, but now I will have time for this site! Thanks for everyone who sent in news and everything! I don't know what I will do without you guys! = ) Keep the news coming! Anyway, Theresa of the "The Amazing Adrian Grenier" website has asked me to combine our two sites! I am currently working on a new layout, a new design. Hopefully everything will be all done by August 24th this year! (This site's two year anniversary!!) Thanks for everyone who told me that this is a great site. Those compliments really mean a lot to me! They always make me smile!! = ) Keep coming to this site and tell everyone! Send me some suggestions too if you have any... like what you want to see more of, less of, what features you want me to add etc... And don't listen to whoever it is claiming to be Adrian in the guestbooks!!! Anyway, you guys have a great summer!!!

Last update : July 2nd, 2001

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The guestbook service terminated their free guestbooks... so I'm forced to remove our old one and replace it with a new one... I'll keep the link to the new one Here but I don't know if the link will work after April 1st. Thanks for everyone who signed the guestbook, its large amount of entries made me feel like I really helped connect Adrian fans from around the world. Thank you once again for visiting this site! The link to the new guestbook is posted below. Feel free to sign it again!

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