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"Charmed" Summaries

SPOILER: Season Four Spoilers

The new Halliwell sister, Paige, will learn about Prue's death when a newspaper blows into her office and opens to the obitary page and attend the funeral. Paige is also said to be a recovering alcoholic and have a boyfriend named Shane. She will struggle about whether or not to introduce herself to Piper and Phoebe who she believes are her sisters. There will some 'problems' with Paige and her new sisters, related to not using powers for personal gain and household rules as well has Paige learning to control her powers. Phoebe is also suppose to get an new, active power, as her and Piper powers strengthen. [Sep 6]

SPOILER: September 27th 2001 Show

Leo tries to help Phoebe and Cole escape from the Source's henchmen. The Source sends demon bounty hunters after them. He consults his Oracle, a half-snake, half-woman, who tells him that it is hard to find Belthazor. She also warns him that there is 'another' who can help the Charmed Ones be whole again. He asks her about this 'other', and her crystal ball reveals...Paige, dancing at P3 with her boyfriend of just over a month, Shane. A Wiccan Priestess presides over Prue's funeral ceremony. Later scenes we see the tombstone with the triquetra symbol engraved on it and it says, "Prudence Halliwell 1971-2001 Forever in our Hearts". Paige is standing off a ways not wanting to be noticed, watching the funeral ceremony. Paige, wanting to know more about herself and where she came from, goes to Sister Agnes to learn about her birth parents. Sister Agnes took care of Paige when she was sent to her. Sister Agnes tells Paige that her parents were like 'angels' appearing in a white light (Sam and Patty orbing in) and that they handed her the baby, wrapped in a blanket embroidered with a 'P' and asked only that the baby's name begin with a P. Agnes starts to say more, but suddenly stops mid-sentence frozen. Piper and Phoebe walk in and recognize their baby blanket with the P on it and just stare. [Wanda - Sep 6]

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