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Adrian Grenier's Profile

Name : Adrian Grenier
Nickname :"A"
Birthdate :July 10th,1976
Age : 24
Height: 5'10"
He plays :The piano, French horn, guitar, and drums!
Hobbies: Baseball and listening to Sonic Youth
Band Name:Bodyroc... and he was in a band called "Safe Transmissions"
Theatre Credits:"Take My Breathe Away" and "The Rimers of Eldritch" according to Adrian Grenier bio @
Other: His father lives in rural Ohio according to Craig's page all about Adrian

Ok I am not the type of person who copies Biography off of official movie sites and call it my own. So here's a summary!

Adrian Grenier is from Brooklyn, New York and he went to La Guardia High and Bard College and studied drama. He had studied with Nancy Hillman and had appeared in several of his school plays. He plays various instruments such as the piano *gosh I love guys who plays the piano* his parents saved up money for his piano lessons... so sweet... his parents are cool to have created this perfect human being hehe. Adrian also plays the guitar and French Horn *he's so talented!* Oh and now I found out that he plays the drums too! He's the drummer of his band called "Bodyroc" according to this page by Nicole Check It Out!

Adrian Grenier's Filmography

Thanks to The Internet Movie Database for the info.

15.A Shot in the Dark (2002) .... Director and starred as himself
14.Freshening Up (TV series) (2002)
13.Hart's War (2002) .... Private Daniel E. Abrams
12.Love In the Time of Money (Formerly "Nine Scenes About Love") (2003) .... Nick
11.Ripley Under Ground (Formerly "Mayhem") (2002).... Tom Ripley
10.Nine Scenes About Love (2001)
9.A.I.:Artificial Intelligence (2001)... Teenager
8.Harvard Man {2001}- Scheduled Release .... Alan Jensen
7.Cecil B. Demented (2000)
6.Drive Me Crazy (1999) .... Chase Hammond
5.Hurricane Streets (1998) ... aka Hurricane Club (1999) .... Punk (Japan: English title)
4.The Adventures of Sebastian Cole (1998) .... Sebastian Cole
3.Celebrity (1998) .... Darrow Entourage
2. Legend of the Cornbomb Space (Formerly Fishes Outta Water) (1998) ... Bud Gillis
1. Arresting Gena (1997)

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